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Heidi in the garden @Kitmartinphoto

Hello – I am Heidi

My job is helping you be happier, stronger and more confident using a blend of classical Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathing and touch therapies acupressure and Shiatsu.

I work with groups and individuals and with a wide range of physical and mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, bi polar, eating disorders as well as physical trauma such as broken bones and amputations, MS, Crohns Disease. I offer a bespoke service tailored to individual.

Nature is my inspiration. I work in a countryside studio in Scotland surrounded by wildlife, woodland and beautiful beaches. 

I work intuitively – but a background in news journalism and philosophy has taught me to be rigorous and questioning. Many of the techniques I use come from ancient traditions – but the are evidenced by cutting edge research and embraced by organisations such as the NHS and National Institute of Clinical Excellence.

Due to the pandemic all my work is online. I teach groups and individuals. Click here for my class timetable.

I use powerful holistic therapies to soothe body and mind and help pain and injury. They  boost energy and mood and put a spring in your step. Putting it simply – they make you feel better and happier. Click here for info about Heidi’s approach and different class options. 

Mother Nature is an important part of the therapy. I am on the Fife coast path, just a few miles from Dundee and St Andrews. There are horses, squirrels, robins, wrens and other wildlife everywhere you look – an occasional toad may cross your path on the way to my door. Observing the simple but fascinating way of nature – which underpins who we are and everything we do – makes it easier to recover from stress and sadness.

Down to earth & back to the body

I begin with the physical body because it is easily accessible. Shiatsu, which is a healing art from Japan, uses fingers, thumbs, palms, elbows and even knees to stimulate pressure points, ease pain and tension. Yoga makes you wobble and huff and puff  with big stretches and strange balancing poses.

Subtler techniques are used to soothe and strengthen our deeper or unconscious parts. In yoga we use breathing or pranayama, meditation and mantra. In Shiatsu, I use gentle listening and holding techniques with my hands.

People just want to feel happier

Many clients come for help with physical problems such as a bad back or sports injury. They usually have the broader aim of wanting to feel happier, managing stress, making big life changes or dealing with events such as bereavements, break-up or redundancy.

Shiatsu & Yoga transform turbulent feelings

They calm the mind, reduce mental confusion and soothe aches and pains. In 2017, researchers at Harvard and Columbia found yoga classes teaching slow breathing techniques significantly reduced severe depression, after just 12 weeks of twice weekly classes. Research into back pain shows it is as effective as physio therapy.

Sessions tailored to your needs

Yoga & Shiatsu in nature to boost energy & mood with Heidi Dore in Balmerino, Newport on Tay, Dundee, Fife
The surrounding countryside is a therapy in itself

Yoga & Shiatsu sessions are tailored to the individual.  Allow 90 minutes for the first appointment which starts with an informal chat so I can find out how you are feeling and how you would ideally like to feel. I start with the outer or most manifest symptoms first – stiff neck, painful shoulders, tight hamstrings, headaches – before dealing with emotional or psychological issues. The process is safe and effective. Last but not least, it is highly enjoyable.

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