Heidi’s yoga classes are ideal for beginners

Yoga & Shiatsu with Heidi Dore in Newport on Tay, Balmerino, Dundee & Fife
Classes are fun friendly and tailored to individual needs

Sessions are held in small groups and are tailored to individual needs. This means they are great for people with a condition or injury that makes it hard for them to attend busy mainstream classes. You don’t don’t need a perfect body or fancy yoga gear to come along. One-to-one sessions are also available.

Equipment provided

Students are provided with mats, belts, blocks and even soothing eye cushions. Classes are held in a beautiful rural location in Balmerino on the Fife coastal trail, just five miles from Dundee. On a beautiful day we may practice outside.

Build physical strength & mental stamina

Heidi will challenge you with sequences to build strength, flexibility and mental stamina. Learn how to work with areas of pain & weakness such as sore hips and shoulders. Discover simple breathing techniques to tackle stress and anxiety.

Benefits for back pain & depression

Yoga for backspin & depression with Heidi Dore in Fife & Dundee
Yoga with a view

Science backs up the therapeutic benefits of yoga. Studies show it is as effective as drugs and physio therapy when tackling depression and back pain. It is increasingly popular in health, education and security services. Even hardened skeptics are giving it a go – it is increasingly popular in prisons.  Children, teachers and stressed out medical workers can attend classes in hospitals and primary schools. In Manchester, GPs are calling for yoga to be prescribed on the NHS and handing out class tokens to patients with dodgy knees and bad backs.


Yoga and Shiatsu with Heidi in Newport on Tay, Fife, Dundee
Yoga in small groups near Dundee

Heidi has been teaching yoga since 2012 and practising for nearly 20 years. She works with a wide range of groups, including children, adults with MS, Parkinson’s, Autism & Asperger’s, Bipolar and people in recovery after a Stroke, spinal injury or amputation. She has also taught yoga in the corporate sector, for financial services firms Legal & General, Metlife and NHS Tayside.

Class Times

Wed – 9.30am – 75 mins

Wed – 6.30pm – 90 mins

Fri   – 4pm – 75 mins

Cost / concessions

The cost is £8. Concessions: £6 for low incomes. Space is limited – so please call to reserve your place.

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