November offer – Half price Shiatsu for people with Scoliosis

Shiatsu & Yoga for back pain with Heidi Dore in Newport-On-Tay, Fife, just a few miles from Dundee city centre
Shiatsu can give pain relief with gentle pressure along the spine

TO CELEBRATE great results for a woman in excruciating pain with scoliosis, I am offering half price therapy to people with the spinal condition.

When my client in her 70s came for her first treatment last week she said morphine was the the only thing that gave relief.  Pain levels ranked at the most severe 10 –  on a scale of zero to 10.

Reducing morphine dependency for Scoliosis

To make life bearable, the grandmother usually takes morphine 30 minutes after waking.  Amazingly, the day after the first Shiatsu, her back pain was so much reduced she totally forgot to take morphine. And my client didn’t even realise until around midday after a busy morning in Dundee. Four days on – she has reported that back pain seems better.

To help me investigate the benefits of Shiatsu for scoliosis on a bigger scale, I will be offering half price treatments to people with the spinal condition during November 2017. Please share this offer with family and friends who might benefit.

Enjoyable and effective therapy

Shiatsu is a hands-on therapy from Japan using acupressure points, stretches and manipulations. It is performed through clothes on a futon. It is both thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing – and effective. Treatments work the body from head to toe, on the side, back and front.

Therapeutic location

Yoga for backspin & depression with Heidi Dore in Fife & Dundee
Scoliosis therapy  – with a beautiful view

Sessions are held in a beautiful Fife-based studio in the coastal village of Balmerino, just a few miles from Dundee. Allow 90 minutes for the first treatment, which will also include tailored advice on gentle stretches and exercises to help the condition such as a baby cobra.

Shiatsu is a holistic therapy which means every session also aims to improve wider physical and emotional health issues such as low mood and energy, poor sleep patterns and digestion.

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