Therapy for a painful knee joint

Shiatsu for knee injuries with Heidi Newport On Tay, Dundee
Shiatsu healed a knee injury – doctors said it would cause disability

KNEE problems are devastating when you love being active.

I know this better than most. My knee was broken in a hit and run accident on a cycling holiday in France in 2003.

At the time doctors said the injury would leave me partially disabled and I could not run again. My leg was in plaster and I was forced to abandon my yoga teacher training.  I was gutted.

Luckily I was given a free course of a strange sounding therapy called “Shiatsu” not long after my leg came out plaster. Thanks to this, I made a full and lasting recovery. Now I teach yoga for a living and and do all the physical stuff that keeps me joyful about life.  

I even went on to train as a Shiatsu therapist. Today I treat all kinds of knee conditions including replacement knees, arthritis and common running injuries such as the meniscus tear.

Shiatsu for knee pain with Heidi in Fife
Acupressure points for knee pain

If you are suffering from knee trouble _ I’d thoroughly recommend trying Shiatsu. Don’t be put off by the strange sounding name. It is a wonderfully enjoyable treatment using acupressure points, stretches and gentle manipulations to reduce pain and swelling and heal trauma from injury or surgery.

Treatments are effective because they work the whole body not just the injury.  In this way Shiatsu releases tension and realigns shoulders, lower back, thighs, hips, feet and ankles. Often hidden problems in these areas contribute to knee trouble.

Obviously, I’m a bit biased about the benefits of Shiatsu. Here is some information about the people with knee problems I’ve been able to help.

 Managing arthritis

Liz Rogerson is in her 60s awaiting knee surgery for severe arthritis. She loves the outdoors and hill climbing. Monthly Shiatsu significantly reduce pain and enable her to move normally for periods of time.  Liz books treatments before holidays and walking expeditions so she can keep going. On one occasion she was able to spend a weekend climbing steep hills in Abernathy after just one hour of Shiatsu.

She said: “I am usually in constant pain and unable to walk or stand longer than 30 minutes.   Following sessions I have less pain in my knee and can walk further.” Treatments also smooth out tension in the lower back, shoulders and neck which are aggravated by discomfort in the knee.

 “Shiatsu works on muscle weakness, pain and tension and aims to improve my general health and wellbeing.  Depending on what I’m needing on the day, I can feel energised or experience a profound feeling of relaxation after a session with Heidi.”

 Benefits for knee surgery 

Six years after knee replacements, Hannah, was struggling with simple movements such as kneeling and getting up and down from the floor. After half a dozen Shiatsu treatments she was able to kneel and stand up at normal speed and without support.
Beryl came to me a few weeks after a replacement knee operation – to help with pain and healing. After a few sessions the pain was much reduced and she was able to move confidently again.
Shiatsu with Heidi in Fife and Dundee
Shiatsu helped Yoga teacher Jim Tarran recover from knee surgery after a motorcycle accident.

Jim Tarran had a knee injury after a motor bike accident. Normal movement was restricted and he was in pain. This made work as a yoga teacher very difficult. He said three Shiatsu treatments shortly after surgery helped healing, reduced inflamation, swelling and pain.

 “Sessions with Heidi are profound and deeply therapeutic.  She is is a super sensitive therapist. She really helped me get over knee surgery. I would commend her to anyone,” he said.
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