Successful New Year Resolutions – with help from the yogis

The New Year Year usually brings resolutions. Focusing the mind and setting goals is important for success in the world. In yoga the word for this is Sankalpa it means a solemn vow to focus on a particular goal. Ideally a Sankalpa should harmonise body and mind – and give purpose and meaning to your life. We state this intention at the beginning and end of practice.

Admittedly it can be hard to chose that goal. Some say it simply bubbles up into consciousness, inspired by the soul.

Swami Vivekananda said the difference between an ordinary person and a great person lies in the degree of concentration. And the psychologists tend to agree that the quality of your life depends on how much you concentrate and what you concentrate on.

All things considered it’s clear that setting goals is important. it’s important to state these goals in positive terms. And to keep coming back to it again and again.

Here are some insights gleaned from Swami Sarvapriyananda in setting goals

Balance challenge and skill. Too much challenge leads to anxiety. If the challenge is below your skills , leads to boredom. If you want focus and flow, increase challenge to meet your abilities.

Unselfish mind is a relaxed mind – focus that comes out of selfishness is a narrow band focus. Self interest scatters the mind, always creates tension and a narrow focus, open to anxiety and fear and frustration.

Love leads to focus -what I love, my mind is automatically drawn to. Devotion leads to practice

No Mind – when you realise you are that you are that consciousness, bliss. mind remains calm and steady, unflickering flame.

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